From when I was little, I was tinkering with technical stuff. Both with mechanical things and electronics. And as soon as a computer became available for the masses, I started digging into computers, both their hardware, and their software. My first computer was a small ZX81, and from there I grew via lots of different computer models (Commodore’s – C64 – C128 – Amiga, IBM PC’s, HP-UX, IBM AIX) to big mainframes (Tandem), and from there back again to the smaller Linux Cloud engines (which connected to each other can become bigger than a mainframe). And along the way, I used quite some programming languages and operating systems 😉 I think this makes me a generalist.

I quite like connecting systems and applications to each other, and opening them up using API’s, in a secure way.

Making things possible!


Who am I?Thijs Kaper.
Profession?Freelance IT Specialist / Senior Developer / DevOps Engineer / Software Architect.
Region?The Netherlands ‘Noord Holland’.
Skills?Java, Spring, Micro-services, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Scrum/Agile, Software Development, Application Architecture, Computer Networking, Infrastructure Architecture, Application Security, Being a sparring partner.
Likes?Open Source, Custom Development, Technical Challenges, Being Pragmatic, Learning New Technical Things.
Hobby Things?Computer stuff, Reading Fantasy Novels, Building Electronics Things, Programming, Playing with 3D-Printing.